Nestor Martin S31- Oil Drip-Matte Black



Nestor Martin, a European leader in home heating technology with over 150 years of expertise, created the S31 with HearthStone's help. Warmth, quality, resiliency, know-how, and heritage are all hallmarks of the Nestor Martin brand. The cast iron S31 oil stove is the result of meticulous design and engineering.



Style and Quality
Beautiful designs, careful craftsmanship and reliable technology. Nestor Martin is trusted brand with over 150 years of experience designing and engineering top quality cast iron heating products.

Oil burning technology
The heart of our oil stove is the highly efficient burner that optimizes combustion of #1 fuel oil, #2 fuel oil or kerosene.

Easy and consistent heat
This tried and true oil stove is simple to use and will heat reliably even if the power goes out.

Catalytic Efficiency
This tried and true burner optimizes the mix of preheated combustion air and the oil resulting in an excellent combustion, with a high and consistent efficiency.

Adjust the heat with the simple control knob at the upper back corner of the stove.

The catalyzer increases the temperature of the gases within the stove to encourage complete combustion of the oil. It glows bright orange, letting you know your stove is burning cleanly and efficiently.



Efficiency: 74% HHV

Finish: Matte Black

Fuel: #1 Fuel Oil, #2 Fuel Oil, Kerosene

Heat Output: 7.4 kW / 25,400 BTU/hr

Heats up to: 1,400 sq ft

Max. Fuel Consumption: 960 cc / 0.254 gal/hr

Min. Fuel Consumption: 408 cc / 0.108 gal/hr

Mobile Home Certified: Yes

Stove Type: Oil

Venting: 4″ Type L DV

Venting Location: Rear, Top (accessory)

Weight: 236 lbs

Side: 11.75″
Rear: 15″
Corner: 11.75″
Top:  24.5″

Floor Protection: The S31 oil stove does not require the use of floor protection.

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