Wittus, Domina 6 Maxi Wood Cook Stove



The whimsical Domina is a freestanding stove with distinct legs and designer appeal. It measures 24” wide,
and can be used in a casual living room setting as a heat source with a cooking option or worked into a kitchen scenario as a cook stove.

The efficiency of the Domina is 76% and therefore they meet the qualifications for the 26% Federal Tax Credit.



External dimensions(LxWxH): 60x60x86cm

Heating plate(LxD): 45x48cm

Net weight/With packaging: 180/195kg

Required flue depression: 0,12 mbar

Nominal thermal output:7,5 kw

Co at 13% O2: 0,09%

Mean flue gas mass flow: 10,6 g/s

Efficiency: 75,5%

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