TOYOTOMI Laser 531 / 532 Wi-Fi Compatible



The new Wi-Fi compatibile Laser 531 comes from TOYOTOMI, the leader for over 30 years in direct vent heaters. The TOYOTOMI Laser 531 gives your home a central heating system that comes at far less cost. Additionally, the Toyostove Laser 531 has a best-in-class 87% efficiency rating. This means cost savings without sacrificing heating comfort. With great flexibility, use the Laser 531 for either a supplemental heating source or as primary heat for basements, garages, and seasonal cottages. It has proven to be not only highly efficient but also safe and reliable.
The TOYOTOMI Laser 531 is one of the most fuel-efficient heating solutions on the market today. The special stainless steel heat exchanger carries the highest efficiency code and an 87% efficiency rating, providing more heat for your dollars. The cost to operate a TOYOTOMI oil heating system is so economical that many owners enjoy annual savings of up to 70% over electric heating, 60% over propane heating, and 40% over traditional oil and natural gas heating systems. The Laser 531 pays for itself in fuel savings in just a few short years. 



TOYOTOMI Laser products are the most fuel-efficient, energy-saving, oil* heating systems available.

  • Uses up to 50% less fuel for heating comparable size areas than conventional oil-fired heating systems at a fraction of the cost
  • The only oil-fired modulating burner in North America
    (increases efficiency)
  • Pays for itself in fuel savings in just a few short years

The Laser series large circulation fan distributes heat quickly and evenly in order to maintain and optimize maximum comfort.

  • Automatically regulate between low, medium and high-temperature settings
  • New Wi-Fi feature allows changing temperature remotely
    from an app on your Apple or Android device
  • Self shut-off when room rises approximately 4° above the desired temperature

Advanced heating pipe-within-a-pipe forced flue venting system creates smokeless, odorless, clean heating.

  • Lower emissions (up to 50% less CO2) than conventional oil-fired heating systems
  • Outside pipe brings in outside air for combustion
  • Inside pipe exhausts all combustion by-products to the outside
  • Circulating fan distributes heat
  • Cool-to-the-touch cabinet safe for kids and pets
  • Permanent mesh filter protects circulation fan and interior components from dust

Owner's manual provides complete, step-by-step instructions that are helpful and easy to understand.

  • Installation takes about three hours, or less
  • Vents through a side wall using the direct vent kit which is included with heater
  • Full range of optional parts and accessories available offers a variety of different installations

Toyostove Vented Heaters can use the following fuels without any modifications to the unit:

  • Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO)
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
  • #1 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil, or K-1 Kerosene

Check with your local fuel oil dealer for which of these fuels are available in your area. 

The Laser Series flue pipe makes venting to the outside simple and easy. Completely flexible, it adjusts to wall thickness. A small vent cap is all that can be seen from the outside. 

Weekly Timer Operation allows for up to 30 different Set-Back temperatures. The Weekly Timer can be used to change the temperature for different days of the week and several times during the day.



<table border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 500px;">
<td>Fuel Type:</td>
<td>Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO) or Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) (ASTM D975<br />
S15), Low Sulfur No. 1 Fuel (ASTM D396 S500), or K-1 Kerosene (ASTM D3699)</td>
<td>Heating Efficiency:</td>
<td>87% (AFUE Rating)</td>
<td>Heating Rating:</td>
<td>22,000 BTU/Hr (High)<br />
15,000 BTU/Hr (Medium)<br />
&nbsp; 8,000 BTU/Hr (Low)</td>
<td>Fuel Consumption:</td>
<td>0.165 Gal/Hr (High)<br />
0.113 Gal/Hr (Medium)<br />
0.060 Gal/Hr (Low)</td>
<td>Size (WxHxD):</td>
<td>19-5/8&quot; x 23-5/8&quot; x 16-1/2&quot;</td>
<td>38 lbs (empty)</td>
<td>Heating Area: *</td>
<td>920 Sq. Ft. at (0&deg;F)<br />
1150 Sq. Ft. at (20&deg;F)</td>
<td>Max. Length of<br />
Vent Pipe System:</td>
<td>Maximum 10 Ft., 3 bends or less</td>
<td>Electrical Rating:</td>
<td>120 Volts AC, 60 Hz<br />
Preheat: 240 Watts<br />
Burning: 40 Wattts</td>
<td>Vent Hole Pipe:</td>
<td>2-3/4&quot; - 3&quot; Diameter</td>
<td>Type of Tank:</td>
<td>Exterior Tank</td>
<p>* 0&deg; F Heat Load = 24 BTU/ft&sup2;/hr<br />
20&deg; F Heat Load = 20 BTU/ft&sup2;/hr<br />
Room size for which this heater is suitable will vary depending on outside temperature, house insulation, window size and other factors.</p>



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