Solo Stove Yukon Cooking System



Yukon lights up your outdoor space with a robust flame that tempts backyard chefs to cook as the cowboys do, which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of our most requested accessory.

Solo Stove’s Hub and Cast Iron Grill, our modular fire pit cooking system, melds the primal experience of outdoor cooking with ingenious, modern design for a safe and satisfying way to drum up fireside fare.

Get a clean and even sear with Cast Iron Grill’s wide grates and non-stick pre-seasoned surface. Hub lifts Cast Iron Grill to 8" above your coals for ideal cooking temperatures.

What's Included

  • Cast Iron Grill -- For the perfect sear
  • Yukon Hub -- Elevates your cooking surface

Centered Around Good Moments

Rediscover your Yukon with an involved cooking experience that craves company. Invite everyone around the fire to join in with 360° access to cooking coals and sizzling snacks. Simply gather, and be inspired to make this ensemble of embers your own.

Cast Iron Grill + Hub’s hassle-free assembly and storage make it easy to fire up a meal wherever an appetite strikes. Hub nests inside Yukon with your other essential accessories for maximum portability. From backyard banquets to beach barbecues, Yukon Grill Accessory Bundle is made to go where the good life takes you.

Hub is made with our signature 304 stainless steel and is deep drawn as a single seamless piece for ultimate durability. Intentionally crafted with a brushed finish to match your Yukon for effortless balance and stability. Hub interlocks perfectly with Yukon and Cast Iron Grill for a solid and safe cooking experience.

When you’re ready to retire the apron and relax by the fire, use our heat-resistant Gloves to remove the Cast Iron Grill and Hub for cooling. Hub can be rested on a heat-safe surface to cool while you start up a fire in your Solo Stove. Cleaning up is easy with our Cast Iron Care Kit.



Materials Cast Iron and 304 Stainless Steel
Weight 21.5 lbs
Cooking surface diameter 17.5"
Hub base diameter 25.75"
combined height 9.5"


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