Solo Stove Bonfire Lid



Lid turns your fire pit into a stylish tabletop to place your drinks, chips, and dip, or even your cards on before it’s time to get a roaring fire going.

Lid should not be used to snuff out a fire but to cover your warm fire pit at the end of a burn. Place on top when the fire has died down but your Solo Stove is still warm. Just like Bonfire, Lid is made with durable 304 stainless steel.

Gather ‘Round

How often has the party started a little earlier than you planned and you’re not ready to get a fire going in your Bonfire? Bonfire Lid was designed with gathering in mind, making your Bonfire even more of a centerpiece. Use Lid as a tabletop or as a temporary cover to keep out rain and dust when your fire is completely out and Bonfire is cool to the touch.





304 Stainless Steel


19.43in | 49.35cm


3.9lbs | 1.77kg

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